EMS Training


Successful with EMS and the VisionBody Powersuit

Effective, joint-gentle and sustainable

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. In my training sessions I use the Visionbody EMS system, which combines low frequency with medium frequency. It is currently the most advanced method of EMS training. The unique EMS-Functional Training System enables an intensive full-body workout. The special feature: Unlike conventional EMS systems, it does not require cables or wet training clothes. Moreover, it is extremely effective, joint-gentle and sustainable.

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With this EMS training you are getting an excellent change and it completes your individual training plan perfectly.

VisionBody Powersuit

During the training session you are wearing the VisionBody Powersuit, which adapts seamlessly to the body and offers maximum freedom of movement. The antibacterial nature of the VisionBody Powersuit also guarantees maximum hygiene and odour neutrality.

Your EMS Training

You can include the EMS training in your regular workouts or book a separate session. I am taking 45 minutes time for each appointment (incl. Warm Up and Cool Down). The rental of the VisionBody Powersuit is included or you can bring your own suit directly to the workout.

Prices (45 min):

1 Session: CHF 120.-
10 Sessions: CHF 1.100,-
( CHF 110,-/session)
20 Sessions: CHF 2.000,-
(CHF 100,-/session)

The prices are in Swiss francs excluding 8.1% VAT.