Massage Therapie & Stretching


Prevention, therapy and well-being

Massage therapy and stretching as support in your training

The SOURCE® Massage is particularly suitable for people who are impaired in their everyday well-being by stress and hectic and often suffer from tension. Of course you can also do something good for yourself and your body with this type of massage and provide deep relaxation.

Gentle therapy and high efficiency

The SOURCE® Massage is a special and very flowing massage style, which has its origin in classical massage and has been influenced by other massage techniques like Rolfing, Polarity or Shiatsu. With long stroking movements and stretching, joint mobilizations as well as deep structural work on muscles and myofascia, the body will be treated gently and holistically. Adhesions and hardenings can be loosened and relaxed, so that your self-healing powers are ultimately better activated.

Prices Massage

90 minutes: CHF 160,-
(10 x 90 min: CHF 1.550,-)

60 minutes: CHF 120,-
(10 x 60 min: CHF 1.150,-)

30 minutes: CHF 70,-
(10 x 30 min: CHF 650,-)

The prices are in Swiss francs excluding 8.1% VAT.

With a customized massage and integrated stretching, your training will be more efficient and effective.

Cost absorption by your health insurance company

The costs of the treatment including anamnesis can be settled with most health insurance companies via the supplementary insurance for complementary medicine. Usually, no referral or prescription from a doctor is necessary.
The supplementary insurance usually covers between 70-90% of the costs.

For your specific conditions, please contact your health insurance company.

Stretching as training support

50 minutes: In this session I concentrate on a deep and extended whole body stretching, focusing on all major muscle groups and extremities. The stretching is great for improving your freedom of movement and flexibility while loosening tense muscles and stiff joints.

25 minutes: In this session I will concentrate mainly on the larger muscle groups and help you to relieve muscle tension. This application is ideal if you do not have enough time for a full body stretch, but need muscle relief.

Prices Stretching

50 minutes: CHF 100,-
(10 x 50 min: CHF 950,-)

25 minutes: CHF 50,-
(10 x 25 min: CHF 450,-)

The prices are in Swiss francs excluding 8.1% VAT.

The advantages of stretching

Whether you want to improve your athletic performance, relieve joint pain or just want a good stretch – the benefits of a professionally supported stretching routine are enormous:

Increase flexibility

A regular stretching routine increases your freedom of movement and flexibility – this makes everyday tasks easier and improves your quality of life.

Reduce Pain

Stretching helps to relieve muscle tension, relieve pain in tense areas and joints and has a positive effect on injuries and pain prevention.

Improve posture

By stretching you get the right alignment and balance of the body. This allows you to improve your general posture and stand more upright.

Reduce stress

Stretching affects your physical well-being as well as your mental health, as blood and oxygen flow better and mental clarity is improved.