Nutritional advice & Body Analysis


Healthy nutrition without renunciation

Nutrition check and body analysis as a foundation for your training

The best fitness program is useless if you don’t know your body and don’t pay attention to a balanced diet. That’s why we start right at the beginning with an elaborate body analysis, which is the perfect foundation to reach your goals.

We will do a detailed nutrition check and talk about your previous eating habits and your daily routine. Based on this, I will advise you on various options that are possible for you and which you should be aware of. Together we will create a personal nutrition plan – a strategy that is adapted to you and your wishes and how you can integrate healthy eating and enjoyment into your everyday life without giving up.

In addition to nutritional advice, a detailed BIA body analysis is useful for your training. This will give you exact information about the composition of your fat and muscle mass, body water and basal metabolic rate. In order to ensure that you do not lose muscle mass but fat mass during training, regular monitoring is very helpful and supportive, especially at the beginning. The measurement takes about 10 minutes and can then be combined with a detailed consultation.


Consulting (60 min):
CHF 160,-

Body analysis with
(90 min):
CHF 200,-

Body analysis
without consultation:
CHF 60,-

The prices are in Swiss francs excluding 7.7% VAT.

With a professional nutritional consultation, your training will be more effective and you will be able to reach your goals not only faster but also more sustainably.