Personal Training


Holistic training - individually tailored to you

Frequent travel, tight schedules and other factors often leave little time for enough exercise and proper nutrition. With L5ive I offer you an individual and professional way to start into a healthier and fitter life.

Effective, intensive and personal

For me, fitness means more than just sporting activity – it stands for a healthy lifestyle with coordinated training and a balanced diet just like regeneration and relaxation. At L5ive you can expect an individually tailored, holistic training that takes your physical strengths and weaknesses into account and is aimed at your needs. Personal training is the most effective and intensive way to train.

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With Functional Training you develop a different body awareness again. Instead of isolated muscle training, your body is trained naturally and above all holistically.

You will develop a new body awareness using functional training

I am focusing a lot on the so-called functional training. In contrast to classical strength training, the target here is on executing holistic movements and not just training individual muscles. In your workout this means moving away from isolated training and towards more movement. The goal is that you have a better awareness for your body as well as control. Functional training includes movements that meet the requirements of your everyday life and sport-specific movements in terms of mechanics, coordination and performance.

In addition to my acquired theoretical knowledge, your training is especially based on my extensive practical experience from 10 years of professional sports and 12 years of professional experience as a personal trainer. Creating awareness through a specific workout routine and an individual nutrition plan are cornerstones in my personal training to guarantee you an optimal and long-term success.

Prices 1:1
(60 min)

1 Session: CHF 170,-
10 Sessions: CHF 1.500,-
(CHF 150,-/Session)
20 Sessions: CHF 2.800,-
(CHF 140,-/Session)

The prices are in Swiss francs excluding 8.1% VAT.

Let's find your right way together

We will start with a thorough analysis of your body and together we determine your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing where you stand will help you to take the next step. We then create your individual training plan based on the measurements and analysis you have taken and adapt it to your personality and your current form on the day. Whether you are an active athlete, you have just rediscovered sports or you need rehabilitation training – I will adapt to your needs.

Prices 1:2
(60 min)

1 Session: CHF 260,-
(CHF 130,- p.p.)
10 Sessions: CHF 2.500,-
(CHF 1.250,- p.p.)
20 Sessions: CHF 4.800,-
(CHF 2.400,- p.p.)

The prices are in Swiss francs excluding 8.1% VAT.